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【AI Seminar】2024.04.25 How do Transformers transform the world

Date: 113/04/25 (Thursday) 09:00-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Fu-Chiang Chou, Artificial Intelligence Research Center

Location: 11th Floor, Management Building, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, Chang Gung University



09:10-10:00(50 mins)

1. The story of Transformers: Attention is All you Need(50mins)

  • Introduction to Transformers and attention mechanism
  • The applications of Transformers in different domains.

10:10-11:00(50 mins)

2. From Transformers to Generative AI (50mins)

  • Evolution of Transformer-based generative models
  • Capabilities and applications of generative models

11:10-12:00(50 mins)

3. Hands on with the AI world (50mins)

  • Demo of Transformer-based Tools
  • Best practices and resources

Q&A Session



Registration Method: Log in to the iCGU → Campus Activites → " How do Transformers transform the world "

Number of Registrants: 30 (Limited seats available), participation is encouraged.

Please bring your own laptop with internet access.



This course provides 3 hours of teacher professional development hours.

Please complete the sign-in by 09:10, participate fully throughout the course, and complete the sign-out after the course ends. 

And those who fail to participate fully and complete the sign-in/sign-out will not be recognized for the improvement hours in teaching quality.





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