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【AI Seminar】2023.12.19 "Edge Intelligence and Smart Sensing for Smart Healthcare Applications" - by Prof. Bahman Javadi, School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences, Western Sydney University



Topic: Edge Intelligence and Smart Sensing for Smart Healthcare Applications

Speaker: Prof. Bahman Javadi, School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences, Western Sydney University

Time: 2023.12.19 (Tue) 14:00-15:00

Venue: CGU Artificial Intelligence Research Center (Management Building 11F)

Join Onlinehttps://reurl.cc/ZyKKAA


About the Speaker:

Bahman Javadi is an Associate Professor in Networking and Cloud Computing at Western Sydney University, Australia. Prior to this appointment, he was a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France. He has published more than 120 papers in high quality journals and international conferences and received numerous Best Paper Awards at IEEE/ACM conferences for his research papers. He has received multiple national awards including IoT Impact Awards and InnovationAUS Awards for Excellence for his research projects. He has presented many keynotes and invited talks in several conferences and universities around the world. He served as a program committee of many international conferences and workshops. He has also guest edited many special issue journals. His research interests include Cloud computing, Edge Computing, performance evaluation of large-scale distributed computing systems, and reliability and fault tolerance. He is a Senior Member of ACM, Senior Member of IEEE, Executive Committee Member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing (TCCLD), and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of UK. His website is: https://staff.cdms.westernsydney.edu.au/~bjavadi/


Talk Abstract:

In the era of digital transformation, the integration of Edge Intelligence and Smart Sensing technologies has emerged as a pivotal paradigm for advancing healthcare applications. The integration of edge computing enables real-time data processing and analysis at the network, reducing latency and bandwidth constraints. Smart Sensing technologies, encompassing a range of sensors and IoT devices, provide a wealth of continuous, real-world patient data. Leveraging these technologies in tandem empowers healthcare systems to deliver timely and personalized interventions, predictive analytics, and efficient management of healthcare resources. In this talk, some case studies and applications will be reviewed, showcasing how this integrated approach facilitates remote patient monitoring, diagnostics, and the seamless exchange of health information. Additionally, considerations for data privacy, security, and ethical implications are discussed to ensure the responsible deployment of Edge Intelligence and Smart Sensing in the healthcare domain. The findings underscore the transformative potential of this synergy in fostering a new era of intelligent, patient-centric healthcare solutions.


Organizers: College of Intelligent Computing & Artificial Intelligence Research Center


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