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【AI Course】 2023.10.19 Introduction to CNN-based Computer Vision Technology and Implement






112/10/19 (Thu) 09:00-13:00


Dr. Ying-Feng Chang, Assistant Research Fellow, CGU Artificial Intelligence Research Center


11th Floor, Management Building, Chang Gung University

Artificial Intelligence Research Center






The Fundamental Principles and Practical Guidelines of CNN-Based Models.




Implementation of Model 1
Computer Vision - Classification:
Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Models and Optimizers


Implementation of Model 2
Computer Vision - Object Detection:
Practical Application of YOLO in Object Detection


Implementation of Model 3
Computer Vision - Semantic Segmentation:
Practical Application of U-Net in Segmentation



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30 (Until full). Your active participation is highly welcome. Please bring your own laptop with internet connectivity.

  1. The course will grant 4 credit-hours toward Teaching Quality Enhancement Program for those fully participated in the session no later than 09:10 and post 13:00 per system / AIC records.



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