【Recruitment】Artificial Intelligence Research Center invites applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Contractor)

RecruitmentArtificial Intelligence Research Center invites applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Contractor)

Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIC) at Chang Gung University (CGU) invites applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Contractor). There are 2 positions to be filled.


  1. Position Description:

Two positions of Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Contractor) are available in Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIC) at Chang Gung University (CGU). The contract could be renewed annually if the performance in previous year is qualified.

Interested candidates must be completing or should have obtained a Ph.D. degree with background in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Data Science, Electrical Engineering or related areas, with preferred research areas in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, smart medicine, smart manufacturing, robotics, metaverse and human-computer interaction.

A demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary and diverse team, experiences in analyzing different types of research data, and clear verbal and written communication skills will be favored.

  1. Application Deadline:
  1. Applications will be received on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Interview date/time will be set up promptly if an application has received a favorable opinion by AIC. Online interviews can be arranged.
  1. Successful candidates will be offered (1) salary starts from NT 58,350 / month commensurate with their experience and accomplishments; (2) salary starts from NT 72,000/ month commensurate with their professional AI experiences (have to be approved by AIC committee), the one who passes the 3-month performance evaluation and receives a favorable opinion by the AIC committee will be offered NT 81,070/month.


  1. Application Requirements:
  1. Cover letter (one-page)
  2. CV with detailed higher education degrees (Ph.D.), professional experiences, research statement, publication list and a list of three professional references.
  3. Chang Gung University is an equal-opportunity employer following the international standard for diversity and inclusion. Applicants from all regions and nationalities are welcome.
  4. Please submit your application in one PDF files via email or in a cloud storage link to Ms. Sue Liu (sueliu@cgu.edu.tw), with title "Application for AIC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Contractor)_Name ".



About AIC @ CGU

Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIC), established with the support of the Formosa Plastics Group (one of the largest private enterprises in Taiwan), is a research center in the Chang Gung University (CGU). In addition to the Formosa Plastics Group companies, AIC works closely with the Chang Gung Medical Foundation (the largest healthcare system in Taiwan) on advanced medical research projects, as well as other research centers in Chang Gung University. AIC also has strong connections with many world-leading high-tech companies in Taiwan.

AIC researchers work closely with the faculty in the College of Intelligent Computing (CoIC), many with joint appointments from both units. CoIC is the first academic college in Taiwan devoted to the research and education of the AI technology and application. CoIC has many highly-reputed research faculty with a strong international and/or industrial working experience. AIC researchers and CoIC professors conduct joint research projects using AIC’s server hardware, IoT equipment and other research facilities. The center/college joint research eco-system further provides the support for CGU university-wide and international AI research activities.

Chang Gung University (CGU), a student centric and research-directed university with entrepreneurial spirits, was established by the founding Wang family of the Formosa Plastics Group. CGU is highly ranked globally in the QS World Universities Rankings 2023, and in the top 5 among the 151 universities in Taiwan. CGU has 4 colleges: College of Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Management, and College of Intelligent Computing. CGU offers a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, with ~7,000 students, ~600 full-time faculty and ~665 adjunct faculty members. The University strives for excellence in research, teaching, and innovative technology commercialization. Under strong support from the Formosa Plastics Group and the Chang Gung Medical Foundation (the largest private-owned healthcare system in Taiwan), CGU provides advanced yet practical training on industrial technology and medical sciences. CGU is located in the suburban area of the Taipei city, about 30 minutes to the city center by Metro (Mass Rapid Transit). For details about Chang Gung University, please visit https://wwwen.cgu.edu.tw

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CGU: https://www.cgu.edu.tw

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